Complex Numbers Calculator

Complex Numbers is a calculator for mathmatical problems involving the field of complex numbers. It's designed to help students and engineers find reliable answers quickly and point them in the right direction, if they wish to dive deeper into the math behind the calculations.

 App on a Nexus 7

Supported operations:

  • - Basic Arithmetic: plus, minus, times, divided by, to the power of, conjugate, absolute, square root, exponential function
  • - Trigonometric Functions: sin, cos, tan
  • - solving quadratic equations
  • - find polynomial roots
  • - polynomial factorization


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Why does the app require internet access?

The Android internet permission is only used to download Google Ads and to send crash reports through Androids Application Crash Report tool (ACRA) if the app should crash.

How are the numbers calculated?

Calculations with real numbers use the java type double. Complex number computations are done with a custom implementation using two double precision numbers.

Numerical stability is bound by computing floating point precision (Wikipedia). Small errors in floating-point arithmetic can grow when mathematical algorithms perform operations an enormous number of times, especially for operations like the multiplicative inverse.

You can set the displayed number format yourself in the settings. For more information on how you can set these values see the Java Documentation on DecimalFormat.